The MV Mi Amigo was used for broadcasting at sea from the 8.3.61 to the 31.7.62 by the Swedish offshore station Radio Nord. It was anchored in those days in international waters in the Baltic sea off Stockholm. It was on 495 meters.

In early 1964 it was bought by Project Atlanta, to use for Radio Atlanta, and commenced broadcasting on 201 meters on the 9.5.64, anchored in international waters 3.5 miles off Frinton On Sea, Essex. It was next door to Radio Caroline in more ways than one, being just along the coast, also just along the medium wave on 201 meters (Caroline was on 199m). The stations soon merged, with the Radio Caroline ship the MV Caroline leaving on the 4.7.64. to sail off to the Isle of Man, broadcasting as they travelled. Before they parted the transmitter crystals were changed, so the Mi Amigo moved to 199 m and broadcast as Radio Caroline, and the MV Caroline was on 210 m. People who had been listening to Caroline on 199 m were still listening, but was actually listening to a different ship.

So the Mi Amigo became Caroline South and MV Caroline became Caroline North, anchored on the Bahama Bank in Ramsey Bay, Isle of Man. Both ships continued broadcasting after the 1967 Marine Broadcasting Offences act, but were towed away by the supply company to Holland on 3.3.68.

The Mi Amigo and two other radio ships ( MV Caroline & MV King David) were put up for auction on 29.5.72. The Mi Amigo was bought on behalf of a free radio group. It went to sea again on the 3.9.72. Anchoring off Scheveningen, Holland. On the evening of the 29.9.72. Broadcasts were once again heard. Officially announcing it was Radio Caroline on the 2.11.72. The original 141 ft aluminium mast collapsed on the 13.11.72. The ship helped Radio Veronica in April 1973, when Veronica had gone aground on a beach during a storm on the 6th April.

By July 1973 a new 186 ft tower had been built at sea on the Mi Amigo. A new station hired the ship then, Radio Atlantice, commencing broadcasts on the 15.7.73. The new mast was short lived and collapsed on the 1.10.73. Radio Atlantice then bought their own ship the Jennine.

Radio Caroline then had a better design lattice tower constructed at sea to a height of 165 ft. A new station joined the ship on 1.1.74. This was Radio Mi Amigo, a Dutch speaking station with a wide selection of pop music from various European countries it became very popular in the UK and on the continent. Caroline broadcast at night.

Radio Mi Amigo closed down at midday on the 20.10.78. All but some testing nothing was heard of the Mi Amigo ship until the 15.4.79. when at 11.00am Radio Caroline started their own Dutch service by day and English service at night. But in strong north east winds on the 19.3.80. the Mi Amigo broke anchor and drifted, a stand by anchor was dropped, but the ship was over a sandbank and as the tide came in, it caused the ship to bound up and down on the anchor chain puncturing the hull. Taking on water with pumps going the crew called Sheerness lifeboat. At just after midnight they were rescued, they broadcast right up to midnight.

The 165 ft lattice tower stood until about July 1986.

It was in August 1983 that Radio Caroline arrived back with a new ship the 978 ton Ross Revenge at 217ft long, supporting a 300ft lattice tower with a 50KW and and two 5KW transmitters. Arriving on the 9th of August tests were soon heard on 963KHZ and official tests started on the 19th of August. With the official opening on the following day at midday.


Mi Amigo July 1979

Mi Amigo July 1979

Mi Amigo July 1979

Record Library, Ross Revenge

Engine room, Ross Revenge

Engine room, Ross Revenge

Ross Revenge 1985

Main insulator Ross Revenge


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The galley on the Ross Revenge

English studio

Caroline overdrive studio

Record Library, Ross Revenge

Mi Amigo mast 1985